"Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but they are not entitled to their own facts"

- Daniel Patrick Moynihan 


The goal of this website is to expose the incorrect statements, false claims, and outright lies made by Project Coyote, its members, and some of its supporters.  Wherever possible we will provide backup documentation on each of our statements.  Its our first priority to provide you with the facts.

Camilla Hovey Fox, Founder and Executive Director of Project Coyote, is a dedicated animal rights activist. Camilla has been giving a voice to the voiceless for decades; shouldn’t that voice reflect sincerity and integrity? I think so, especially since she proclaimed hunting as “ethically repugnant, morally bankrupt, and ecologically indefensible.”

Its important to remember, Ms. Fox' father Michael Fox was a former Vice President of the Humane Society of the U.S. and shares an extreme view on animal welfare HERE. Ms. Fox may have learned her extreme views on animal activism from her father but more importantly does NOT have a background in science. Ms. Fox graduated Maga Cum Laude from Boston University where after three and a half years she earned a Bachelor of Arts majoring in English with a minor in Women's Studies HERE. Fox's Masters degree in Environmental Studies and Sustainability from Prescott College in Arizona has little to do with science and more to do with learning to start a non profit activist group. Just as interesting, Fox's Masters degree is a 36 unit online degree. SOURCE


Considering her lack of scientific background and her extreme views on animal activism its no surprise the the City and County of San Francisco paid Project Coyote $1,500 for "consulting" and "coyote education services" HERE


After ballot initiative Proposition 4 passed in 1998, Fox formed the Marin Coalition for California Wildlife with the goal of ending Marin counties contract with USDA’s Wildlife Services in favor of a “county operated predator management program” which advocated to “include all the lethal control techniques available to ranchers." HERE.  Later, in Fox’s 2008 Prescott College Masters thesis she falsely claims the Marin Coalition “put forth” the non-lethal county administered program. HERE  THESIS 

On Earth Day, 2015, Fox shamelessly accepted the Conservationist of the Year award from the John Muir Association based on several false claims including the “Marin County Livestock & Wildlife Protection Program.” However, the fact is Mary Paglieri, Founder and Director of the Little Blue Society, was the author responsible for Marin’s non lethal plan. Mary's plan called for the use of “Guardian Sheppard” dogs,” improved fencing” and “public outreach.”  Camilla Fox and the Marin Coalition for California Wildlife falsely take credit for this project even to the point of claiming it as THEIR "pilot project."  You can find the truth HERE SOURCE (page 10, paragraph 3)

Mary Paglieri of theLittle Blue Society was the original author of Marin Counties non lethal predator control program called the Marin County Livestock and Protection Plan. HERE andHERE

Need further proof Mary Paglieri was the originator of the Marin County Non-lethal Program?

In an email from Marin County Agriculture Commissioner Stacy Carlsen to Mary Paglieri:

From: "Carlsen, Stacy" <SCarlsen@marincounty.org>
Date: Sunday, May 6, 2012 at 10:30 PM
To: Mary Paglieri <mary@littlebluesociety.org>

Mary: I will never forget your systematic calm approach and progressive attitude about a balanced approach to agricultural conflicts. In the heat of conflict it was difficult to  narrow in recognition for support. You were in front of all and gracious.  In retrospect you did not receive the recognition deserving for the effort; I apologize. You were ahead of your time, in fact and wisdom. I am only hoping we could discuss how to make efforts better for others stuggling with the difficult transition. If only I knew!
I am availble to assist you, with a clear awareness of where we both started.
Let me know how I can help- speaking to you our your support team would be my pleasure- do they have a sense of humor?
Best, Stacy
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Fox takes credit for a non lethal program she did not create while calling those who disagree with her “morally bankrupt?”

Although the Marin program has been claimed a model plan for coexistence, multiple biologists have pointed out several issues with the plan.  

Dr. Stephanie Larson, UC Cooperative Extension, Sonoma County Director points out some of these issues VIDEO HERE

  • The Marin program does not keep track of how many predators are removed by ranchers
  • The Marin program does not have the participation of all sheep ranchers and does not track livestock lost to predators by ranchers who are not enrolled in the program.  
  • Livestock losses increased beyond Marin County's ability to pay forcing the county to discontinue the indemnification (reimbursement part) of the program.  
  • The number of sheep producers have decreased within Marin County due to excessive sheep loss. . 
  • The program removed USDA's Wildlife Services leaving ranchers no other options for lethal control leading to more, not less indiscriminate killing of coyotes by ranchers. 

​​It is time for Camilla Fox to be held accountable for her dishonesty and her slandering of hard working, honest members of the community who support conservation based on science, not lies.

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