"Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but they are not entitled to their own facts"

- Daniel Patrick Moynihan 


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Update on a Database of Coyotes Attacks on Humans, 1970-2015
Rex O. Baker, Cal Poly-Pomona; and Robert M. Timm, Univ. of California - ANR (25:17)

Dealing with the Issue of Urban Coyote - One County's Experience
Jim Hartman, Los Angeles County, Dept. of Agriculture, Arcadia, CA (22:34)

An Examination of Citizen-Provided Coyote Reports: Temporal and Spatial Patterns and Their Implications for Management of Human-Coyote Conflicts
Niamh Quinn, University of California Cooperative Extension, Irvine, CA (25:03)

Coyotes in the City: Results from a Pilot Study of GPS-Collared Coyotes in Downtown Los Angeles
Justin Brown, National Park Service, Thousand Oaks, CA (22:55)

How Human Predation Can Shape Coyote Temperament and Implications for Management in Urban Environments
Stewart Breck, USDA National Wildlife Research Ctr., Fort Collins, CO (25:22)

On the Use of Animal Behavior as a Means of Managing Human-Animal Interactions
Valerius Geist, University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada (24:33) 

A National Coyote Database to Aid in Selective Management of Problem Animals
Rob Erickson, On Target A.D.C., Cortland, IL (25:40)

Urban Coyotes in Arizona: A Ten-Year Review
David L. Bergman, USDA Wildlife Services, Phoenix, AZ (19:32)

A Balanced Approach to the Adaptive Management of Urban Coyotes: Integrating Geospecific Behavior Density with Human Dimensions for Establishing Targeted Management Implementation Threshold Levels
Randy Farrar, USDA Wildlife Services, Advance, MO (18:10)

Using Coyote Hazing at the Community Level to Change Coyote Behavior and Reduce Human-Coyote Conflict in Urban Environments
Mary Ann Bonnell, Jefferson County Open Space District, Colorado (28:32)

Successful Management in Problem Coyotes in the Chicago Area
Rob Erickson, On Target A.D.C., Cortland, IL (34:18)

The Problematic Trend of Pseudo-Science Dictating Urban Coyote Management Policy
Sean Brady, Michel & Associates, P.C., Long Beach, CA (23:42)


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COYOTE FACT SHEET University of California Agriculture & Natural Resources 

(2010) How Misinformation Fosters Urban Human-Coyote Conflicts -- Oleyer, Claude M.

(2009) Coyote Attacks on Humans in the United States and Canada -- White, Lynsey A. and Gehrt, Stanley D. (shows the need for standardized reporting in coyote attacks and how a disproportionate amount of attacks take place in California) 

(2007) Complexities of Urban Coyote Management: Reaching the Unreachable, Teaching the Unteachable, and Touching the Untouchable -- Schmidt, Robert H. 

(2007) A History of Urban Coyote Problems – Dr. Robert M. Timm, Rex O. Baker

​(2007) Bad Dogs: Why Do Coyotes and Other Canids Become Unruly? – Robert Schmidt, Robert M. Timm

​​(2007) Operational Challenges of Solving Urban Coyote Problems in Southern California

(2012) Long Term Pair Bonding and Genetic Evidence for Monogamy Among Urban Coyotes – Hennessy, Dubach, Stanley D. Gehrt  (demonstrates Extra-pair copulations have been discovered in every canid mating system that has been investigated genetically, regardless that social monogamy was the observed norm)

(2007) A Review of Successful Urban Coyote Management Programs Implemented to Prevent or Reduce Attacks on Humans and Pets in Southern California – Rex O. Baker

​​(2007) Coyotes Nipping at our Heals: A New Suburban Dilemma – Dr. Robert M. Timm

(2007) The Coyote Lure Operative Device Revisited: A Fresh Look at an Old Idea – Dr. Robert M. Timm, Are Berentsen, Robert H. Schmidt

(2007) Suitable and Effective Coyote Control Tools for the Urban / Suburban Setting – Alan A. Huot, David L. Bergman

(2004) Coyote Attacks: An Increasing Suburban Problem – Dr. Robert M. Timm, Rex O. Baker, Joe R. Bennett, Craig C. Coolahan

(2001) Sheep-Killing Coyotes a Continuing Dilemma for Ranchers – Dr. Robert M. Timm, Guy E. Connolly

(2001) Targeting Alphas Can Make Coyote Control More Effective and Socially Acceptable – Michael M. Jaeger, Karen M. Blejwas, Benjamin N. Sacks, Jennifer C. C. Neale, Mary M. Conner , Dale R. McCullough

(1998) Management of Conflicts Between Urban Coyotes and Humans in Southern California 

(1982) The Urban Coyote Problem in Los Angeles County – Robert G. Howell

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